Family is a cultural, legal, sociological and individually defined concept. It is fundamental social group typically include what is referred to as a nuclear family – father, mother and one or more children. Other definition of a family includes all the members of a household living under one roof. Families can also be defined by the ways person behave toward one another or how relationship function in the lives of people.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The meaning of nurture

Research on parenting has been the centerpiece of long-standing efforts in psychology to understand socialization processes. Nature is all that a man brings with himself into the world; nurture is every influence from without that affects him after birth.

A healthy, nurturing relationship with your child is built through countless interactions over the course of time. It requires a lot of energy and work, but the rewards are well worth it.

The child who is nurtured and loved will develop the neural networks which mediate empathy, compassion and the capacity to form healthy relationships. Unfortunately, this window of opportunity in early childhood is also a window of vulnerability.

If a child is not talked to she will not develop speech and language capacity, if she is not given opportunities to use her developing motor systems, she will not develop motor skills, and, most devastating, if she is not loved, she will struggle to love others.

There to type of nurture:
*Adaptation: Children respond to the demands of the environment in ways that meet their own goals.
*Organization: Children integrate particular observations into a body of coherent knowledge
The meaning of nurture
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