Family is a cultural, legal, sociological and individually defined concept. It is fundamental social group typically include what is referred to as a nuclear family – father, mother and one or more children. Other definition of a family includes all the members of a household living under one roof. Families can also be defined by the ways person behave toward one another or how relationship function in the lives of people.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Individualized marriages

Partly the product of ‘cultural upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s,’ individualised marriages emphasize personal fulfilment and personal growth in marriage and expect that spouses will facilitate such growth and be sources of unprecedented support.

Spouses in individualized marriages remain together because they find self-actualization, intimacy, and expressively communicated emotional support in their unions.

Those are marriages characterizes by both spouses working outside the home. Four interrelated characteristics distinguish individualized marriage:
*It is optional
*Spouses’ roles are flexible – negotiable and renegotiable
*Its expected requires involve love, communication, and emotional intimacy
*It exists in conjunction with a vast diversity of family forms

Partly because marriage is optional today, brides, grooms, and long-married couples have come to expect different rewards from marriage than people did in the past. They continued to value being good partners and perhaps, parents.

In individualized marriage, the institutional aspect of the union has decreasing significance, following a general pattern of the weakening of social norms across the social world.

Couples no longer marry primarily to please their extended families or for financially strategic reasons.  Nor are children a universally motivating incentive for marrying and staying married.
Individualized marriages

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