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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lower class and middle class: parenting styles

Middle class and lower class parents as groups have been found to pursue different socialization goals, emphasize different values and rely on different parenting styles in raising children- with some important implications.

For example, in the industrialized United States many parents in lower socioeconomic strata emphasize obedience neatness and respect for power, while middle class are more likely to stress ambition, creativity and independence.

Perhaps the blue collar works expect their children, like themselves, will have to work for the boss and defer to his or her authority, while middle class professionals and business owners expect their children, like themselves, will be self-employed or will manage other people and will need independent, self assertive, creative and so on.

Middle class parents were more likely to be authoritative and working class parents were more likely to be authoritarian. This class distinction in parenting styles still holds true as a general rule – middle class parents are more likely than their working or lower class peers to reward their children, attend to and gratify their emotional needs, and use bilateral techniques (consulting, explaining, negotiating) in interesting with their children.

Being affluent and thus able to aid their children in achieving economic security, middle class parents may also led feel freer to encourage their children to pursue whatever interests them.

Parents of the lower and working class have been found to be less supportive and less controlling of their children. They provide fewer rewards, offer less understanding, impose fewer constraints than middle-class parents and monitor child’s behavior less closely than middle-class parents.

More specifically, middle-class parents emphasize internal control of behavior whereas working class parents emphasize external control.
Lower class and middle class: parenting styles 

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