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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The meaning of engagement in general

Everyday connotations of engagement refer to involvement, commitment, passion, enthusiasm, absorption, focused effort, zeal, dedication, and energy.

Engagement, in other words, is the time when the two are called to perform a real labour of love, an involved and shared work that delves deep.

Here they discover one another little by little, i.e. the man “learns” about woman by learning about this woman, his fiancĂ©e; and the woman “learns” about man by learning about this man, her fiancĂ©.

There are some good reasons and value of an Engagement period:
*It is a time to begin serious planning of their lives together. Such questions need to be asked as to job or jobs for one or both in order to have sufficient to live on; where they will live; and possibly even talk about long-time future plans.
*It is a final testing time before the couple is actually married. In order to really get to know the person, they need to be in a relax situation with friends and families so all can get better acquainted and see how they fit in with each other's friends and family.
*It is a time to more seriously learn to get along with each other.
*It is a time to get better acquainted with family and friends.
*It is also a time, if one or both realize it is a mistake, it can be called off.

The experience of engagement is intended to be a process of formation, not simply an educational program. It is a liturgical process and experience, not a program of lessons, instruction and rules. The engagement period is a testing period.
The meaning of engagement in general
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