Family is a cultural, legal, sociological and individually defined concept. It is fundamental social group typically include what is referred to as a nuclear family – father, mother and one or more children. Other definition of a family includes all the members of a household living under one roof. Families can also be defined by the ways person behave toward one another or how relationship function in the lives of people.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The meaning of grandparent

The dictionary defines ‘grandparent’ as the parent of a child’s father or father. He is a person of an older cohort than the grandchild and is in some way related to the grandchild through blood, marriage or adoption and is removed from the grandchild by at least one lower/younger generation.

Grandparents often serve as the backbone of the family by providing physical and spiritual support.

Grandparents are known to serve in multiple roles associated with the grandparents-grandchild relationship. Because of the wide diversity of grandparenting behaviors and family dynamics influencing the grandparent-grandchild relationship, grandparents historically have taken on diverse roles.

Neugarten and Weinstein (1964), defined three grandparenting styles:
*Formal: A strict division of role between the parents and grandparents is maintained. While the grandparents who an interest in their grandchild, they are not involved in child rearing.

*Fun seeker: The grandparents play with the child and both sides derive pleasure from the interactions.

*Surrogate: The grandparents assume the parental role of caregivers and child rearing because parents are absent or work long hours.
The meaning of grandparent
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