Family is a cultural, legal, sociological and individually defined concept. It is fundamental social group typically include what is referred to as a nuclear family – father, mother and one or more children. Other definition of a family includes all the members of a household living under one roof. Families can also be defined by the ways person behave toward one another or how relationship function in the lives of people.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fathers spend less time with children than mothers

Mothers simply spend more time with children than fathers do. This due to the fact that fathers sometime have less time available times to be with their children.

Fathers who work more hours are expected to spend less time caring for children as less time will be available.

According to the study by Freda Rebelsky and Cheryl Hanks in 1971, on average day, the fathers addressed their infants only 2.7 times for a total of approximately 40 seconds.

In middle childhood (6 to 7 year-olds), Russell and Russell in 1987, found that Australian mothers were available to children 54.7 hours/week compared to 34.6 hours/week for fathers.

One study revealed that fathers in 1975 participated no more frequently in child care and housework tasks than father s in 1965 did, despite the dramatic increase in the number of working mothers during those years. Mothers spent less times on family tasks, but fathers did little compensating for their wives’ decreasing involvement.

Moving through middle through middle childhood and into adolescence, both parents spend less time with their children than they did during infancy and early childhood. However, mothers still spend as much as twice the amount of time with children than do fathers, at least through age 16.
Fathers spend less time with children than mothers

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